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What is a circular economy?

The phrase ‘circular economy’ is one that ought to be in the news more often, and probably will be in the near future. The fact is that if the idea behind the phrase becomes a guiding force, the ‘future’ will probably last a lot longer.

Today’s lifestyle in the UK and in most parts of the world is geared to the philosophy of ‘make it,

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Revitalising Recycling Lessons: Weird Things That Can Be Recycled

Recycling isn’t just about newspaper, aluminum cans, glass jars and those little numbered plastic bottles you put in your recycling bin every week. There are many other things that can be recycled, and often you don’t have to go far out of your way to get them into the right hands.

As educators, we can have a broad impact on the environment by discussing recycling

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Plastic bags remain a serious environmental problem

Recycling in the country is definitely on the up but it is not all good news however as the plastic bag continues to be a major problem to deal with. The bag is something that is very difficult to dispose of in a responsible way, so people need to work out other ways to reduce their consumption of these bags. Reusing them is one of

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Reuse instead of recycling

Everyone knows about recycling but when you can actually reuse something without having to recycle that is even better. The best way of doing this is to make use of the countless charity shops that are around. Then you are not only doing your bit for the environment but you are contributing to a good cause as well.

There is a campaign starting in May

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The various stages of the recycling process

Recycling is not a single action but is a process that has many different stages. The first stage is the collection of waste materials that can be recycled, the next stage is the collection and sorting of these materials, and the final stage is their appearance as brand-new products to be used by the consumer.

Recycling though is not just about sending things off to

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Recycling scheme brings together waste producers and farmers

An unusual recycling scheme, which involves waste producers working hand-in-hand with local farmers, could end up benefiting from an announcement by the deputy Prime Minister that he wants to promote ethical programmes which also involve sound business thinking.

The Land Network started recycling bio-waste in the 1990s and has now turned that into a profitable business, by selling the recycled material to farmers as an

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Melton expands recycling

The recycling service that is in the borough of Melton is going to be expanded and there is going to be a switch to a system that involves wheelie bins. The recycling boxes are going to be replaced with brown wheelie bins which will take all material that can be recycled.

The system of mixing recycling is known as co-mingled recycling and residents now do

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Plastic recycling will be the mainstay of UK recycling

The recovery and resource specialists, Axion Consulting, have recently stated that plastic recycling is going to be a new focus of the waste industry in the UK during 2012. The consultants have said that there is going to be new work done on the recycling of HDPE and PET bottles.

Currently around 50 percent of dairy and drink bottles that are made out of plastic

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Recycling Bins – What’s on Offer?

As per the recent developments in the environmental status of the world, it is more than likely that every resident of Earth is common with the act of recycling. Although you may be familiar with the process, do you know what recycling includes and how it will help the environment? Recycling is generally taking used products and renewing them for future uses, with the implementation

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Household recycling service picks up clean aluminium trays and foils

Larne’s household recycling service is being expanded to also include pickup of clean aluminium trays and foils according to an announcement this week from the Larne Borough Council that said the new addition will make it simpler for people to recycle every fortnight. The plan is to get people to recycle their old take away containers, over ready meal boxes, and pie cases.

Over 14,000

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