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New review set to look into the way UK law interprets EU waste directives

A new review is set to begin this week in Cardiff and will dig into UK law trying to find out whether the British justice system interprets EU waste directives properly. An organisation called Campaign for Real Recycling have brought the UK government to court claiming that the collections that are happening around the country do not follow EU directives under the Waste Framework set forth a number of years ago.

The companies making up this group are Novelis UK, Palm Recycling, UK Recyclate, Smurfitt Kappa, DS Smith Paper and Ardagh Glass. They claim that the 2012 regulations do not accurately follow the EU Waste Framework, and they now demand a judicial review of the law.

At issue are commingling methods that are used by over half of the councils in both England and Wales, which results in a lot of recyclable material being rejected before they even get to the recycling centre, ending up in landfills.

The goal of the EU directives is to increase the quality of the material recycled, but despite financial issues this should not reduce the amount of goods being recycled. According to a government spokesperson, every council is taking the needed efforts in order to recycle effectively. While this review goes on, it could take weeks or months before a decision is reached.



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