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Firefighter charity thanks public for their support in textile recycling

The Fire Fighters Charity has expressed their gratitude for the support they received by people raising £1m by donating to its textile recycling programme. Since the inception of the Charity in 2009, they have been able to divert more than 7000 tonnes of clothing from the landfill sites.

The Fire Fighters Charity’s first textile bank was at the Kettering Fire Station and due to the support of Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service there are now over 500 clothing banks all over the country where people can leave their donations.

John Perry, the CEO indicated that he was very grateful for supporters who have recycled with the company in the past four years and enabled them achieve the huge landmark ofincome from simply recycling.

He added that they still needed more people to continue supporting the scheme in order to ensure that firefighters were happy, healthy and fit to continue saving lives. Perry indicated that in order to keep The Fire Fighters Charity running, they needed £9m, and since they did not receive any government support, they relied greatly on the goodwill of supporters.

Over 40 fire and rescue services currently support the textile-recycling scheme and more people are being encouraged to keep donating their unwanted clothing to assist in raising more funds for the charity.

Martyn Emberso, the chief fire officer of Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue services added that recycling was one of the good things that they could do for the environment. This is because it was simple, easy and conserved natural resources as well as the energy. Additionally, raising the funds for the Charity also assisted the injured firefighters to be able to go back to work more quickly and thus be able to go back to fighting and preventing fires and being able to save lives.

Martyn added that since they were the current champions, they were looking forward to the Fire Fighters Charity’s annual recycling competition in January. He went on to ad that the competition sparked the competitive spirit among the fire stations in UK.


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