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Environment Agency says lamp recycling is moving towards the light

The Environment Agency has released figures which show an increase in the rate of recycling lamps from one year to another. In the UK, 39.5% of the total lamp tonnage sold in the country was recycled by producer Compliance Schemes in the year 2012. This is an improvement from the figures published in 2008, when data was forest recorded, and the rate stood at 23.2%

In 2012, data collected proved that the recycling rates of UK businesses, in WEEE sectors was at 5% while that of the lamp industry was at 39.5%. This shows that the recycling rate in the lighting industry is very high.

According to Nigel Harvey, the CEO of Recolight, a milestone has been set by the lighting industry for WEEE recycling. The sector contributes a greater portion of business WEEE recycled above the pit-on-market EEE, when compared to other types of businesses. The figures released in 2012 are proof that the industry is on its way to achieving the targets which were laid out in the recast WEEE Directive.

The commitment of the lamp importers and producers is evident in the success shown by the data, and is a tribute to the founders of the scheme who designed Recolight’s exceptional model. The lighting industry will maintain an unparalleled level of compliance, currently and in the future, with the WEEE regulations due to the commitment exhibited by its members.

The reduction of the tonnage of lamps produced is a contributing factor to the increase in the rate of recycling. However, the rate of recycling lamps has not reduced, and this has resulted in an increased capture rate. Mr. Harvey went on to say that the T5 fluorescent lamps were lighter than the former T8 and T12 lamps, and the lighter weight has contributed towards improving the figures.


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