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Ensuring workplace safety at all times

Creating and establishing a safe working environment for people is a necessity and it does not have to be seen as an arduous chore. Health and safety is an area of constant concern for many businesses and it only takes a slightly casual approach to one element of this for an accident to occur with potentially very serious consequences. Companies should always be mindful of

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The mantra is simple, ‘use it again’, but just how much can we recycle in this country, and are there still environmental problems, being caused by things that we can re-use instead of dump? In case you hadn’t already guessed, recycling is our topic of choice, so look out for blog posts on green technology, energy efficiency, eco-friendly projects all over the UK, and plenty

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Recycling Bins – What’s on Offer?

As per the recent developments in the environmental status of the world, it is more than likely that every resident of Earth is common with the act of recycling. Although you may be familiar with the process, do you know what recycling includes and how it will help the environment? Recycling is generally taking used products and renewing them for future uses, with the implementation

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Britain was shipping its toxic e-waste to Africa

An immediate halt to electronic goods exports by their subcontractors has been ordered by one of the biggest recycling companies in Britain following an investigation that found at two of its sites toxic e-waste that was being sent to West Africa.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) campaigners had tracking devices planted in televisions that were broken beyond repair which made them illegal to be exported

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Still no UK waste packaging policy in place

Packaging was a key issue the government said it would address when they launched their review of the waste policy in 2010. There has been hardly any indication as to what direction the ministers will take.

A group of experts that advise Defra about packaging policy, the Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) is preparing a report giving recommendations that will be released at the end

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Technological Progress Cuts Environmental Costs

It is easy to lament that modern technology is destroying the environment. Indeed, many modern conveniences come only at the expense of nature. Yet not all innovations are bad for the environment and things like conference call systems and wind farms are actually good for the planet.

In the future it seems that technology will become more and more of a friend to the environment.

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Local authorities face heavy recycling fines

Local authorities are about to face penalties of as much as £200 per tonne of waste over assembly targeted waste requirements. The penalties are part of the new waste recycling measures intended to raise recycling to 70 per cent by the year 2025.

Councils say that the potential to be penalized is of great concern and that such penalties could have grave implications for already

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The Green Awards is now accepting entries

The Green Awards is now accepting entries for its 5th annual ceremony that honours creativity within the communications and sustainable marketing industries.

The Global Green Awards are known to be one of the most notable events for those in the eco world as they recognize the best campaigns targeted at promoting sustainability. Outside of originality and creativity, entries are also judged based on how they

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Local Government recycling shake-up on the way

Local Government secretary, Eric Pickles, is looking at plans that will offer councils that axe fortnightly collections rewards. The plan comes ahead of a new publication review of the waste policy as outlined by the Government by the Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, which is due next week.

The review, which is set to be released next Thursday, is said to raise the prospect of adding

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Offices are getting the eco friendly idea

At one time environmentally safe products were the exception to the norm, but now they are in demand across the UK, as business owners see that they have a responsibility to the environment.

David Casey stated that he has been impressed to see his company and other companies take a stand and purchase recycled products over new products in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

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