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Firefighter charity thanks public for their support in textile recycling

The Fire Fighters Charity has expressed their gratitude for the support they received by people raising £1m by donating to its textile recycling programme. Since the inception of the Charity in 2009, they have been able to divert more than 7000 tonnes of clothing from the landfill sites.

The Fire Fighters Charity’s first textile bank was at the Kettering Fire Station and due to the

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Saving money with E.ON

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Have you ever wondered how you can save money on your bills? By only putting enough water in the kettle that you need for your cuppa, enough water in the bath to clean your body, and setting the heating at a temperature to warm you without sweating, you can save yourself

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What is a circular economy?

The phrase ‘circular economy’ is one that ought to be in the news more often, and probably will be in the near future. The fact is that if the idea behind the phrase becomes a guiding force, the ‘future’ will probably last a lot longer.

Today’s lifestyle in the UK and in most parts of the world is geared to the philosophy of ‘make it,

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Many countries still falling short of recycling targets according to latest data

New data shows many countries are going to fail meeting the 50% target for recycling by 2020, according to an European Environment Agency (EEA) report. Recycling in the UK went up faster than most other countries in Europe, even though it started at a lower point back in 2001 when the goals were established. Recycling rates were around 12% for most of the municipal waste

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New review set to look into the way UK law interprets EU waste directives

A new review is set to begin this week in Cardiff and will dig into UK law trying to find out whether the British justice system interprets EU waste directives properly. An organisation called Campaign for Real Recycling have brought the UK government to court claiming that the collections that are happening around the country do not follow EU directives under the Waste Framework set

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New Scottish recycling programme makes the news headlines

Recycling is in the news again with a new pilot programme in Scotland where nine organisations will maintain the schemes which will reward people based on how many empty cans and bottle they recycle. The discount vouchers can be exchanged for charity donations as well, based on user preference.

The way this pilot will work is that a number of vending machines will be positioned

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New study reveals that recycled goods from households still going to landfill

The shocking truth is that tons of waste that have been sorted by UK residents for recycling has actually been already buried in landfills. Officials have denied this for years, but they finally admitted that a lot of the waste that the councils claim to be recycled is actually sent away by garbage depots.

A recent study made by the DEFRA or the Department of

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UK breaks record for plastic recycling

The country managed to secure another recycling milestone under its belt when they recently recycled about 517394 tonnes of plastics successfully in the year 2011. The statistics were reported from the annual survey of the BPF, or British Plastic Federation. The report added that over 100 000 tonnes of recycled plastics were also exported.

The amount of exported recycling plastics was only icing on the

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UK seas: the prospect of 31 marine conservation areas

Under plans proclaimed by the government on Thursday, the UK’s sealife is to be protected by 31 new conservation areas with the aim of preventing trawling and dredging activities liable to destroy life on the sea bed. Ministers have dismissed advice, however, to establish 127 areas, including those where there no activity would have been permitted; it led to campaigners describing the plan as a

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London 2012 was the most sustainable games ever

It has been announced by the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012, that the Olympic and Paralympic Games were the most sustainable games ever and is also asking residents of the UK to build on the lessons learnt.

It was discovered by a report after the games by London 2012 – From Vision to reality that the sustainability targets of the games were adhered to

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