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Are LED lights eco friendly?

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, were originally used in aviation and automotive lighting, indicator lights and infra-red remote controls, along with laboratory and electronics equipment. Their low-light output made them unsuitable for room lighting; however, development of LED technology has seen their usage grow to become standard domestic lighting equipment.

LEDs vs. incandescent bulbs

LEDs differ from traditional incandescent light bulbs in the amount of

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Llandudno company starts offering free recycling service for items wrongly disposed of

A business based in Llandudno has recently started offering a recycling service for free which is targeted towards recovering items which when disposed of incorrectly can damage the environment, such as light bulbs that are designed to save energy.

Special collection facilities are going to be established in order to help dispose of this kind of waste. The owner of the company, Peter Williams, has

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Light Bulb Recycling Champions Needed

A new initiative has been created through a partnership between Recolight, the specialist WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, and CoBRA (Community Bulb Recycling Alliance). Volunteers are being recruited across the country for an important new community initiative designed to encourage the recycling of low-energy light bulbs.

The initiative aims to form teams of ‘Bulb recycling champions’ up and down the UK who will

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