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Environment Agency says lamp recycling is moving towards the light

The Environment Agency has released figures which show an increase in the rate of recycling lamps from one year to another. In the UK, 39.5% of the total lamp tonnage sold in the country was recycled by producer Compliance Schemes in the year 2012. This is an improvement from the figures published in 2008, when data was forest recorded, and the rate stood at 23.2%

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The latest generation of LED lighting

LED lights are something that are evolving very quickly, and currently they are one of the most energy-efficient types of light on the market, but in a few years they are going to become even more efficient as technology advances. Many companies are working on reducing the energy that this solid-state light need, and there are many advancements that are being made in order to

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Recycle your old carpet into electricity

The UK is forging ahead on the recycling front, and if you didn’t know that your old used carpet can be turned into electricity, take note. This is a fairly new development but the technology is already in place and steadily improving, according to reports from Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK).

At CR UK’s fourth annual conference in Birmingham earlier this year there was a lot

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Llandudno company starts offering free recycling service for items wrongly disposed of

A business based in Llandudno has recently started offering a recycling service for free which is targeted towards recovering items which when disposed of incorrectly can damage the environment, such as light bulbs that are designed to save energy.

Special collection facilities are going to be established in order to help dispose of this kind of waste. The owner of the company, Peter Williams, has

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Householders to recycle used light bulbs

A new invention is set to make it easier than ever before for householders to recycle used light bulbs – and all while they carry out their weekly shop.

Revend Recycling Limited has invented what it says is the first reverse vending machine which can be used for recycling spent light bulbs and also old batteries. The machines themselves were created by Revend and Norwegian

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