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Firefighter charity thanks public for their support in textile recycling

The Fire Fighters Charity has expressed their gratitude for the support they received by people raising £1m by donating to its textile recycling programme. Since the inception of the Charity in 2009, they have been able to divert more than 7000 tonnes of clothing from the landfill sites.

The Fire Fighters Charity’s first textile bank was at the Kettering Fire Station and due to the

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New carton recycling unit opens in Stainland

Lord de Mauley, Resource Management Minister, will inaugurate a recycling unit for beverage cartons in Stainland. This factory is a collaborative effort of Sonoco Alcore, a packaging producer, and several carton manufacturers.

The facility will convert nearly 25000 tones of cartons into paperboard that will have industrial strength. Nearly 40% of the cartons used by food and drinks industry will be recycled in this fashion.

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PTT recycling

In the UK, over 70% of the plastic packaging collected is composed of plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays (PTT). It is essential to process a significant proportion of the huge tonnage of plastic so as to meet recycling targets set by resource minister Lord de Mauley.

Due to the barriers put up by traditional recipient countries, such as China, there has been a reduced

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Van drivers could be stopped from using recycling centres through the week

There is a proposal that van drivers should refrain from using recycling centres every Mondays through to Fridays in North Somerset. Furthermore, those people who use trailers or vans in disposing their household rubbish should only have 12 visits a year as per the new rules for recycling centres in Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, and Backwell.

The North Somerset Council will be introducing a permit scheme for

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What is a circular economy?

The phrase ‘circular economy’ is one that ought to be in the news more often, and probably will be in the near future. The fact is that if the idea behind the phrase becomes a guiding force, the ‘future’ will probably last a lot longer.

Today’s lifestyle in the UK and in most parts of the world is geared to the philosophy of ‘make it,

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Nappy recycling in doubt after plant closure

Councils that have been sending waste to the only nappy treatment facility in the UK are beginning to express their doubt over whether the recycling of nappies is going to be a viable option for those who live in the UK after the plant closed down.

Knowaste (Midlands) Ltd operated the plant which is a subsidy of the Canadian company Knowaste. The company claimed that

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Austria tops the league for European recycling

Austria definitely takes environmental care seriously and the proof of that is the announcement that it topped the European Recycling league. The country has a very impressive record of 63% waste that are being recycled and composted. Not far behind are countries like Germany with an equally impressive rate of 62%, Belgium with 58%, Netherlands and Switzerland both with 51%.

Though five countries have already

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New scheme launched to improve recycling in Bournemouth

A new waste recycling scheme is going to be launched across Bournemouth as part of a new plan to help improve the recycling rates of the town. Already Bournemouth has one of the top recycling rates in the nation and is known sending a very meager 19% of its wastes to landfills.

Now the council helps to improve that waste rate by even more with

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Many countries still falling short of recycling targets according to latest data

New data shows many countries are going to fail meeting the 50% target for recycling by 2020, according to an European Environment Agency (EEA) report. Recycling in the UK went up faster than most other countries in Europe, even though it started at a lower point back in 2001 when the goals were established. Recycling rates were around 12% for most of the municipal waste

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South west recycling set to be exported for processing

Some of the South West’s recycling collection is going to be sent abroad to be processed so they can help reduce the costs of landfills. As a result of the new programme, the majority of recycling will be sent to Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, and Somerset will be sent out to other locations in the UK. Only a small percentage will be locally dealt with.


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