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Saving money with E.ON

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Have you ever wondered how you can save money on your bills? By only putting enough water in the kettle that you need for your cuppa, enough water in the bath to clean your body, and setting the heating at a temperature to warm you without sweating, you can save yourself

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EE the latest member to join CompareMyMobile.com

Another top network in UK for mobile phones has joined the comparison site that recycles gadgets CompareMyMobile.com. EE has also announced the launch of its gadget trading online service. It is the Recycle and Reward scheme, which facilitates the trade-in of devices ranging from tablet computers to mobile phones. Customers can compare the prices for devices currently on the market.

Customers were relieved to know

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Why your bathroom should be a greener place from now on

In bathrooms all over the world, there are opportunities to recycle. From owners of domestic properties to commercial organisations which engage suppliers of washroom services, we have all become increasingly aware of the need to be far greener. Every aspect of bathroom supplies can become more environmentally friendly, so it’s worth noting all of the options.

On the most basic level, provisions need to be

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Drinks container recycling initiative planned by environment secretary

According to the environment secretary, Scotland’s litter problem will be effectively tackled by proper schemes that offer incentives for recycling of drink containers. A feasibility study of adopting the same scheme from Sweden, called the deposit refund scheme, will be undertaken by Richard Lochhead.

The scheme adds a small fee to the cost of the drink, and this is refunded when the container is returned.

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Van drivers could be stopped from using recycling centres through the week

There is a proposal that van drivers should refrain from using recycling centres every Mondays through to Fridays in North Somerset. Furthermore, those people who use trailers or vans in disposing their household rubbish should only have 12 visits a year as per the new rules for recycling centres in Weston-super-Mare, Portishead, and Backwell.

The North Somerset Council will be introducing a permit scheme for

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Nappy recycling in doubt after plant closure

Councils that have been sending waste to the only nappy treatment facility in the UK are beginning to express their doubt over whether the recycling of nappies is going to be a viable option for those who live in the UK after the plant closed down.

Knowaste (Midlands) Ltd operated the plant which is a subsidy of the Canadian company Knowaste. The company claimed that

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Green collaboration urges us all to have a good clear out

As part of a new partnership between Crown Paints’ and Climate Week, many home owners are going to get a chance to clean out their garages, sheds, and cupboards. As new supporting partner for Climate Week 2013 Crown Paint’s is opening the doors of over 119 different centres spread out across Scotland, England, and Wales inviting people to come in and drop off their surplus

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Easy Ways You Can Go Green At Home

The number one reason why most people hold out from the green movement is because they think that it is too hard to get a green home, but in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.

While not everyone can afford to live in a home that is completely solar powered, there are plenty of small adjustments you can make that will help turn

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Campaigners raise their objections to recycling centre update

Campaigners hailing from the Coventry region have aired their sentiments regarding a proposal for a recycling centre update. While the update would mean improvements for the centre, the same update would also restrict access for cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

The recycling centre in Nuneaton is known to be amongst the area’s busiest and biggest centres for recycling. Every day, about 600 cars normally

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Businesses highlight their green commitment through stock photography

Businesses love to be seen as socially aware and environmentally friendly, and there’s no better way of telling the world than publishing photos of their eco conquests. Whether adopting a new recycling policy, buying green energy or investing in a new environmentally-friendly factory, the public are always kept in the loop.

The question is, how much of their social conscience is down to genuine benevolence

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