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Batteries from electric cars to be recycled

EMR is a UK-based recycling company, and they have recently contracted a French firm called Recuplyl in order to recycle electric batteries that have been recovered from electric vehicles in the UK.

The company hoped that this new arrangement is going to mean that it is possible to recycle all of the batteries in the UK to the very stringent standards established by Europe. It

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UK experiments with new kind of asphalt on roads

The UK is currently experimenting with a new type of asphalt which can be used to construct roads. This asphalt is partly made from tyres that have been taken off vehicles once they’ve become unsafe. The test has been conducted by Breedon Aggregates on behalf of Transport Scotland.

The stretch of road that has been constructed with the new asphalt carries over 30,000 vehicles per

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How do Hybrid Cars Work?

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Ever wondered how hybrid cars work exactly? Find out how these environmentally friendly vehicles operate now.

Hybrids are vehicles that reduce carbon monoxide emissions and present an alternative to conventional cars. Instead of relying on the traditional fuel internal combustion engine, hybrids use both fuel engines and electric motors.

There are three different ways that hybrids work. You can either have a

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