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Ensuring workplace safety at all times

Creating and establishing a safe working environment for people is a necessity and it does not have to be seen as an arduous chore. Health and safety is an area of constant concern for many businesses and it only takes a slightly casual approach to one element of this for an accident to occur with potentially very serious consequences. Companies should always be mindful of

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Hilton hotel group start to recycle their old mattresses

Hilton, the global hotel chain, has started a new programme with the aim of recycling up to 85% of all of their old mattresses. The company launched the initiative last week and as part of it will attempt to recycle the wood, steel springs, cotton fibres, and quilt scrapings from the old mattresses. The materials can be recycled into new products such as flooring, construction

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Environment Agency says lamp recycling is moving towards the light

The Environment Agency has released figures which show an increase in the rate of recycling lamps from one year to another. In the UK, 39.5% of the total lamp tonnage sold in the country was recycled by producer Compliance Schemes in the year 2012. This is an improvement from the figures published in 2008, when data was forest recorded, and the rate stood at 23.2%

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Austria tops the league for European recycling

Austria definitely takes environmental care seriously and the proof of that is the announcement that it topped the European Recycling league. The country has a very impressive record of 63% waste that are being recycled and composted. Not far behind are countries like Germany with an equally impressive rate of 62%, Belgium with 58%, Netherlands and Switzerland both with 51%.

Though five countries have already

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