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New Scottish recycling programme makes the news headlines

Recycling is in the news again with a new pilot programme in Scotland where nine organisations will maintain the schemes which will reward people based on how many empty cans and bottle they recycle. The discount vouchers can be exchanged for charity donations as well, based on user preference.

The way this pilot will work is that a number of vending machines will be positioned

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Warrington set to change from weekly recycling collection to fortnightly

Warrington council bosses believe that if they end weekly bin collections then the overall recycling rate will improve for their councils. Beginning in April, black bin collections are only going to take place one time every two weeks instead of every week. Green and blue bins will also be picked up just once every two weeks during alternating weeks.

At the moment the Warrington town

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Green collaboration urges us all to have a good clear out

As part of a new partnership between Crown Paints’ and Climate Week, many home owners are going to get a chance to clean out their garages, sheds, and cupboards. As new supporting partner for Climate Week 2013 Crown Paint’s is opening the doors of over 119 different centres spread out across Scotland, England, and Wales inviting people to come in and drop off their surplus

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You can now catch up on the days news at recycling bins in London

It isn’t strange for different people to get their news from different sources, from TV, the Internet and newspapers. The company Renew has recently developed a recycling bin that also comes with an information screen. About a hundred of these newspaper bins have been placed around London, as the company has recently signed a 21-year contract to do so.

These techno-pods are created out of

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New study reveals that recycled goods from households still going to landfill

The shocking truth is that tons of waste that have been sorted by UK residents for recycling has actually been already buried in landfills. Officials have denied this for years, but they finally admitted that a lot of the waste that the councils claim to be recycled is actually sent away by garbage depots.

A recent study made by the DEFRA or the Department of

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