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Easy Ways You Can Go Green At Home

The number one reason why most people hold out from the green movement is because they think that it is too hard to get a green home, but in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth.

While not everyone can afford to live in a home that is completely solar powered, there are plenty of small adjustments you can make that will help turn

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UK breaks record for plastic recycling

The country managed to secure another recycling milestone under its belt when they recently recycled about 517394 tonnes of plastics successfully in the year 2011. The statistics were reported from the annual survey of the BPF, or British Plastic Federation. The report added that over 100 000 tonnes of recycled plastics were also exported.

The amount of exported recycling plastics was only icing on the

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Campaigners raise their objections to recycling centre update

Campaigners hailing from the Coventry region have aired their sentiments regarding a proposal for a recycling centre update. While the update would mean improvements for the centre, the same update would also restrict access for cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

The recycling centre in Nuneaton is known to be amongst the area’s busiest and biggest centres for recycling. Every day, about 600 cars normally

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UK seas: the prospect of 31 marine conservation areas

Under plans proclaimed by the government on Thursday, the UK’s sealife is to be protected by 31 new conservation areas with the aim of preventing trawling and dredging activities liable to destroy life on the sea bed. Ministers have dismissed advice, however, to establish 127 areas, including those where there no activity would have been permitted; it led to campaigners describing the plan as a

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Businesses highlight their green commitment through stock photography

Businesses love to be seen as socially aware and environmentally friendly, and there’s no better way of telling the world than publishing photos of their eco conquests. Whether adopting a new recycling policy, buying green energy or investing in a new environmentally-friendly factory, the public are always kept in the loop.

The question is, how much of their social conscience is down to genuine benevolence

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Antrim council introduces paint recycling scheme

The Antrim Borough Council has started a new scheme aimed to help re-use paint via its household recycling centres at a local level. The scheme is the brainchild of, and is being organised by, the East Belfast Mission.

The goal of the scheme is to collect non-hazardous, reasonable quality paints, wood stains, and varnishes so that they can be re-used into of being sent on

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Levis go eco-friendly

The famous denim company, Levi Strauss & Co, is becoming more environmentally-friendly. The company has decided to go on a recycling campaign where they plan to recycle 3.5 million bottles and then incorporate it into their new collection. This campaign will not only help the environment but will also create awareness among its many consumers.

The company rolled out their Water<Less collection last year where

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Practically every Christmas item is recyclable

Contrary to popular belief, festive items like Christmas cards, turkey foils or batteries are recyclable products. Anybody having plenty of this kind of Christmas remnants can get rid of them at Sainsbury’s, which is part of a plan targeting an increase in recycle rates and to allocate funds for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).


It is estimated that along with 13,350 tonnes of glass

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School recycling competition used to educate students

As a result of a recent contest, more than 10.5 tonnes of electrical items have been recycled by over a dozen schools around Shropshire. The competition is run by a group composed of the Shropshire Council, Arbitel Recycling and Veolia Environmental Services. The goal is to get school pupils to learn how useful recycling is and it seems to have worked, as more electric parts

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Landfills see the benefit of the rise in recycling

A new report released about the borough of Croydon reveals that recycling is on the rise, which should make a lot of people happy, as less trash ends up in landfills. Recycling has not always been on the fore-mind of most people but in recent years many efforts have been made in order to speed up recycling and make it more practical for people to

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