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A look at 2K, the manufacturer of EcoSheet

It has been almost two years since 2K manufacturing started to produce its EcoSheet product, a 100% recycled alternative to plywood. However, the Luton based company is doing just fine and seeing a high demand for the product that may eventually replace plywood in the UK altogether.

A great example of the use of EcoSheet is at the Bath M&S right outside of the entrance

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Christmas wrapping paper is a waste nightmare

Christmas is the time for wrapping and giving gifts therefore a large part of Christmas is choosing the right wrapping paper, however due to the millions of people living in the UK this means that there is a lot of wrapping paper getting used so everyone can wake up in the morning and tear open a present. All of this wrapping paper means a couple

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Glasgow soon to see separate food waste collection service

A new nine month trial of a separate food waste collection service will soon start in Glasgow estimated to cost as much as £800,000 and will affect 47,000 homes. Earlier in the year the Scottish Government created new regulations that ensured all councils have to adopt the separate waste collection before 2016 rolls around.

By the close of 2020 there will also be an additional

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Recycling banks for small electrical items start to appear across Bradford

New recycling banks that allow people to drop off small electrical items that no longer work have been placed at Burley and Menston. They are just several of the new collection banks that are being launched across Bradford Council area after a trial project was deemed successful.

The local banks are located at the Queen’s Hall community centre car park on Main Street in Burley

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Demand for wood alternative proves to be a popular green product

The EcoSheet is a plastic plywood alternative to wood that has been on the market for the past two years and is produced by 2K Manufacturing in Luton. The two years have been busy and solid for the product as CEO Omer Kutluoglu explained that the product has been in high demand and will likely become an integral part of the UK plywood market.


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Marks & Spencer create a vase from 100% recycled glass

Marks & Spencer is really helping to promote recycling by ‘closing the loop’ firmly with the creation of a glass vase that is made 100% out of recycled glass. The department store stated that this is the first 100% recycled vase to be sold on high street.

The vase is made out of bottles that consumers drop off at the recycling base and therefore also

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Are LED lights eco friendly?

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, were originally used in aviation and automotive lighting, indicator lights and infra-red remote controls, along with laboratory and electronics equipment. Their low-light output made them unsuitable for room lighting; however, development of LED technology has seen their usage grow to become standard domestic lighting equipment.

LEDs vs. incandescent bulbs

LEDs differ from traditional incandescent light bulbs in the amount of

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Tata and E.ON Cheshire waste into energy power plant

The green light has been turned on for a new power plant that can turn waste into energy. Tata and E.ON both backed the new £250m plant that has been approved after a long public inquiry was launched. The plant will be in Cheshire and will be able to produce enough energy to supply power to more than 80,000 homes.

A statement released by the

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New moves to strengthen renewable energy

The Renewable Energy Association (REA) and the Association for Oganics Recycling (AfOR) have joined together in order to created and strengthen the organics waste sector. The AfOR is already one of the leading trade organizations in the UK for biodegradable waste management and is likely to only grow in strength now. The move will also see the REA gain new lobbying powers as its membership

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