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Eco friendly recycling plant opens in East Sussex

A waste recycling plant that is particularly environmentally friendly has recently opened at a cost of £1 million. The site is located in Bexhill Road, as it is called the Household Waste Recycling Site, and it is going to be able to recycle a great deal of materials that are collected from people’s homes. The site is built on a previous recycling facility, but this

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The latest generation of LED lighting

LED lights are something that are evolving very quickly, and currently they are one of the most energy-efficient types of light on the market, but in a few years they are going to become even more efficient as technology advances. Many companies are working on reducing the energy that this solid-state light need, and there are many advancements that are being made in order to

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Ludgate Investments intends to launch a larger second environmental fund

Ludgate Investments has a close eye on the even stricter regulations for waste management following new funding plans. The firm intends to launch a larger second environmental fund that will become available near the end of 2012 or start of 2013.The aim of the fund will be to invest in the many green opportunities that are resulting from the strong North European recycling and waste

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Virgin Atlantic recycling at 33,000ft

Virgin Atlantic was recently criticized by environmentalists for their plans to operate UK domestic flights, but the nature’s protectors will be glad to know that the company is rapidly developing its recycling strategy.

The airline recently announced that they are one of the many companies to start making new fabrics from recycle plastic bottles. The newest thing to be made with recycled materials is the

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Stockton on Tees biomass power station

Big Energy Investments Ltd announced new plans for a 49 megawatt biomass power station that will be built in Stockton on Tees and called the BEI Teesside. The building will sit on industrial land that has not been used for the past fifty years.

The Heatherwick Studio from London has created the building designs with the company stated will capture the spirit and scale of

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New solution sought for turning recycled carbon into fuel

It was announced last week that grants which total £13.6m have been awarded to 3 ground breaking, engineering research projects that are promising to assist in the solving of some major problems currently facing the UK. This flagship research, which is being funded by EPSRC, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, will be embracing 3 distinct areas.

These are the reusing of carbon, the

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Sainsbury’s encourage their customers to recycle more

Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s have just announced that they are to invest in more facilities at their stores to try and encourage customers to recycle more items, thus helping to reduce to amount of waste that is sent to landfills. Sainsbury’s have said that they are working with local authorities across the UK to reinvigorate the recycling facilities they have in place for the customer.


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