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Repic dispose of electricals responsibly and save the landfills

Repic is the largest producer compliance recycling scheme that operates on a not-for-profit basis in the UK. It is estimated that during a two-day event which they held in Peterborough, they collected over a ton of electrical equipment that was going to be put into landfill otherwise. The event was hosted to encourage people to dispose of their unwanted electricals in a responsible way, and

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Clean energy plant costing £20m could be located in Shoreham Point

Plans for a clean energy plant which has a value of £20 million have been proposed for a location in Shoreham Point. It is expected that if this is constructive it would be able to power the entire of Shoreham itself, which is about 20,000 people.

The company responsible for the plan and would also be behind the potential construction of the plant is Edgley

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Leeds prove once again why they are one of the top city’s for recycling

The city of Leeds have once again proven that they are one of the most forward thinking cities in the country when it comes to recycling. They have a campaign called the war on waste, or WOW, which encourages residents to recycle as much of their waste as possible, and it seems to be working because they have once again beaten the record.

It is

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Batteries from electric cars to be recycled

EMR is a UK-based recycling company, and they have recently contracted a French firm called Recuplyl in order to recycle electric batteries that have been recovered from electric vehicles in the UK.

The company hoped that this new arrangement is going to mean that it is possible to recycle all of the batteries in the UK to the very stringent standards established by Europe. It

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New UK plastic recycling target set by government

The government has recently set a new target for recycling of plastic in the UK, with the intent to nearly 60 percent of plastics to be recycled by 2017. The idea is that the government will support people to invest in the sector and encourage the recovery of resources across the country.

The consulting firm specialising in resource recovery, Axion Consulting, have recently stated that

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East London recycling company to increase their output

The recycling company based in Dagenham, East London, Closed Loop Recycling, have just made the announcement that they are going to be increasing the capacity that their recycling plant puts out. It is estimated that the facility, which currently has an output of over 30,000 tonnes per year, is going to increase its output to 85,000 tonnes.

The marketing manager for the company, Nick Cliffe

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Recycle your old carpet into electricity

The UK is forging ahead on the recycling front, and if you didn’t know that your old used carpet can be turned into electricity, take note. This is a fairly new development but the technology is already in place and steadily improving, according to reports from Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK).

At CR UK’s fourth annual conference in Birmingham earlier this year there was a lot

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Plastic recycling target revised

The target for recycling in the UK was recently revised to nearly 60 percent for plastic by the year 2017. In order for this target to be met the government is going to need support from the sector in order to encourage the recovery of this valuable resource.

Axion Consulting, the resource recovery specialist, have been analysing the various economic drivers that need to be

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