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Smurfit Kappa take their place at recycling and waste exhibition

Smurfit Kappa Recycling will be on Stand 17G68 at the Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition. The Smurfit Kappa Group is the world leader in manufacturing and supplying paper-based packaging and this year revealed a £98 million investment over three years in its paper-making site at Townsend Hook in Kent.

This will ensure the supply of paper to Smurfit Kappa’s operations in the UK and Ireland.

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Plastic carrier bags are being given out in their billions

Last year businesses in the United Kingdom were issuing plastic bags at an astonishing rate of 254 per second. Also figures from the Waste and Resources Action Programme say that eight billion thin gauge plastic bags were issued last year which was a 5.4 percent increase on the 7.6 billion bags issued the year before.

Now four environmental organisations in the UK have joined together

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New jobs set to come to the Midlands from Jericho Wood Recycling

Jericho Wood Recycling will create new job positions for those that live in the Midlands as the Birmingham based company hopes to help boost recycling and the reduction of new fuel production that is causing home energy costs to increase.

The company believes that it can now help to boost the demands of the local area by encouraging and adding in an increase in wood

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The many benefits of recycling metal

Metal can be recycled over and over again, which is one reason why it is a more expensive commodity, and it also requires a great amount of energy to mine for metals which is another reason they are expensive. With this in mind, it can be a much more practical idea to simply reuse what we already have.

For example, recycling one aluminium can would

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It’s time to get into your bins and see what you should have recycled

It is time to hold your breath and dive into your rubbish bins so that you can see how much you throw away on a regular basis that could be recycled instead. There are probably many items in your rubbish that could have been reused or recycled.

It is estimated that about 60% of all household waste could be recycled; which means that there is

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New recycling and waste projects now accepting applications

The government has created a new financing guarantee scheme that was created with the intention of strengthening the infrastructure of waste and recycling projects within the country. Applications opened this week for the new UK Guarantees scheme that will help kick off many infrastructure projects that stalled due to poor credit conditions.

There are already £40b worth of projects that are close to or ready

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Power plant run on ‘old’ fuel not far in the future for the UK

A feasibility study has recently been submitted to the government by GE Hitachi which brings the UK a step closer to being able to run a nuclear power plant on fuel it that has already become spent.

The idea is that a next-generation reactor is going to be developed which is called PRISM and it is designed to make use of the waste plutonium that

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Company creates a machine that recycles using magnets

The company, Eclipse Magnetics, have recently created a machine that is going to be able sort recycling better thanks to magnetism. The technology is being utilised in Lincolnshire at a plant which is capable of processing nearly 150,000 tonnes of recyclable material every year. It is the largest bottle sorting facility in Europe and it is thought the technology is going to make the recycling

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Recycling set to be revamped in Scotland due to consumer confusion

Residents who have been confused about recycling collections has led to environmental chiefs considering the idea of scrapping bags and boxes which are used to collect different types of recycling. A review has recently taken place in Scotland which has shown that a single container for recycling a great many options is going to be a far more feasible option that will confuse residents less.

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