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Transdek team up with Manton Eggs for new unloading technique

Manton Eggs is one of the UK’s biggest egg processing companies and now the award-winning lifting equipment specialist, Transdek, has come up with a clever and unique way for the company to unload products from lorries to ground floor level. Because of expansion plans, Manton needed to increase the efficiency of the loading and unloading process in its new production area.

Based in Harrogate, Manton

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Recycling has never been more popular in Weymouth

Weymouth has recently seen a rapid expansion of the number of facilities for on street recycling. In order to complement the recycling bins that are found on the high street, 20 can crushers have been installed in areas that see particularly high footfall. The crushers are designed to make recycling accessible, convenient and easy, and will make recycling cans simple for passers-by.

It is thought

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EnvironCom announces a 98% success rate for recycling fridges

EnvironCom are a pioneering company in the recycling of WEEE, waste electrical an electronic equipment, have a philosophy; to do the right thing with WEEE without it costing the earth. They have now announced that they are achieving a success rate of 98% for recycling fridges, thanks to their innovative programme for recycling PUR foam, the standard insulation that is found on the inside of

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Recycling Tips For A Greener Work Place

Creating an eco-friendly workplace will not only improve the environment’s health, it can even protect you and your co-workers well-being. By monitoring what you bring into the workplace and how you discard items can save the company money, reduce landfill waste, save energy and help reduce global warming.

Starting with what you bring into the office, you should purchase green whenever possible. Meaning, you should

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The UK gets its first beverage carton reprocessing plant since 2006

The recycling of beverage cartons is set to resume in Britain, following a deal being struck between manufacturers of cartons and a West Yorkshire producer of cardboard packaging.

ACE UK, the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment, have just announced that they have signed a new 10 year agreement with Sonoco Alcore. This will see beverage cartons being reprocessed at the paper mill in

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Plastic bags remain a serious environmental problem

Recycling in the country is definitely on the up but it is not all good news however as the plastic bag continues to be a major problem to deal with. The bag is something that is very difficult to dispose of in a responsible way, so people need to work out other ways to reduce their consumption of these bags. Reusing them is one of

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Reward scheme for recycling comes to the UK after US success

A new scheme has been launched in the UK after seeing success in the US and it offers people rewards based on the amount of household waste they are recycling. The scheme is called Recyclebank and it was initially stated back in 2009. The initial trials took place in Cheshire and Windsor and since the scheme was implemented the amount of recycling has increased by

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New deal results in new recycling plant in west Yorkshire

An agreement has recently been signed by the company Sonoco Alcore and The Alliance for Beverage Cartoons & The Environment. The company is responsible for creating packages and paper and the agreement is going to see the company created first carton reprocessing factory in the UK, which is going to be built in West Yorkshire, close to Halifax.

It is estimated that the plant is

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FM Conway have reduced their CO2 emissions by 6m tonnes

FM Conway is a company whose business is producing asphalt, whilst causing a minimal amount of damage to the environment, by seriously limiting their carbon dioxide emissions. The company have a plant located on the Thames and it is estimated that since they began their recycling programmes they have reduced their CO2 emissions by around 6 million tonnes.

The plant was constructed with the specific

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