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New waste targets reached in zero waste directive

It has been determined that the Wolseley Leamington Spa site will be a zero waste to direct landfill now that the Sustainable Building Centre and National Distribution Centre (NDC) have reached new waste targets that are considered to be industry leading.

At the core of the move is a change in the way that waste is processed and handled which means that 97.5% of the

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New system to differentiate between plastics could revolutionise recycling

A new system that can actually identify the differences between different types of plastic is set to turn the world of recycling upside down as plastics will no longer have to be sorted before they can be processed.

Veolia Environmental Services is responsible for this new intelligent recycling system and will help make it easier to collect many different plastics since separate containers will not

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Desso continue their commitment to zero waste

Stef Kranendijk is the Chief Executive of the company Desso and he is a businessman who is committed to industries that produce zero waste. In 2008 he partnered his company with The Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency which is based in Hamburg.

This collaboration focuses on creating products that can be 100 percent recycled. Not only this but the products should be able to be recycled

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UK experiments with new kind of asphalt on roads

The UK is currently experimenting with a new type of asphalt which can be used to construct roads. This asphalt is partly made from tyres that have been taken off vehicles once they’ve become unsafe. The test has been conducted by Breedon Aggregates on behalf of Transport Scotland.

The stretch of road that has been constructed with the new asphalt carries over 30,000 vehicles per

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Recycling is good but re-use is better, according to the Somerset Waste Partnership

The message that the Somerset Waste Partnership want to get across is that recycling is good but re-use is even better. And what better place to get rid of our unwanted clothes, books, toys, CDs, records etc. than a charity shop. There is a charity shop in nearly every high street and they perform a great service.

Now there is a campaign running called ‘Choose

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Businesses are losing millions in revenue due to their recycling methods

The company behind the new recycling system, Nederman UK, have produced a report that says that the average business is losing up to £780 in potential revenue for every ton of waste metal that they recycle. The system works by using vacuum pumps to collect swarf from machining processes.

After coolants and oils are separated from the metal, it is turned into bricks which can

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Llandudno company starts offering free recycling service for items wrongly disposed of

A business based in Llandudno has recently started offering a recycling service for free which is targeted towards recovering items which when disposed of incorrectly can damage the environment, such as light bulbs that are designed to save energy.

Special collection facilities are going to be established in order to help dispose of this kind of waste. The owner of the company, Peter Williams, has

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Consultation begins over the unblocking of barriers for waste management

A three-month consultation has just begun which is looking at ways for barriers to be unblocked for delivering waste management systems to infrastructure in the south-east of England and the capital. The consultation is due to look at the various issues that are preventing new recycling facilities from being built in this part of the country.

Much of the focus here so far has been

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New recycling plant could boost economy in Worcestershire

A new plant to be built by Sims Metal Management, a recycling company could give the economy a huge financial boost. Based in Long Marston, the European Headquarters have been allowed planning permission for another Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) warehouse on its site, preventing several tonnes of rubbish going to landfill.

ASR consists of shredded vehicles and metals recovery. Typical contents are fibre, glass, rubber

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