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Reuse instead of recycling

Everyone knows about recycling but when you can actually reuse something without having to recycle that is even better. The best way of doing this is to make use of the countless charity shops that are around. Then you are not only doing your bit for the environment but you are contributing to a good cause as well.

There is a campaign starting in May

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Marks and Spencer ‘shwopping’ service launched

Retail giant Marks & Spencer have recently announced that they are going to be launching a clothes recycling campaign. This has just been officially launched by Joanna Lumley and it has been called Shwopping.

It is estimated that in the entire country around 10,000 items of clothes are put into landfill every five minutes. In order to demonstrate how wasteful this is, the company recently

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The mantra is simple, ‘use it again’, but just how much can we recycle in this country, and are there still environmental problems, being caused by things that we can re-use instead of dump? In case you hadn’t already guessed, recycling is our topic of choice, so look out for blog posts on green technology, energy efficiency, eco-friendly projects all over the UK, and plenty

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X Ray film disposal helps Recycled UK to a record breaking year

Recycled UK are looking at record year for profits due to the fact they have developed a solution that can dispose of expired x-ray films. The Black Country firm have teamed up with Worcester–based firm, Industrial Material Recycling and developed bespoke imaging software that could save the NHS a small fortune every year.

The first trial orders have already been completed successfully. The files are

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Coca Cola use the Olympics as launchpad for new green initiatives

Coca Cola are planning to use the Olympic Games to test new products and methods of business. For this they will be sending 500 staff to the Olympic Park to help the organisers Locog. One of Coca Cola’s plans is to reduce their carbon footprint by a third.

To assist in meeting this target, the company have acquired a new range of biogas lorries for

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NE Somerset and Bath are recycling over 50% of their household rubbish

Over half of the household rubbish in North East Somerset and Bath is now being recycled. The publication of new figures has shown that the amount recycled has increased from 46% to 52%, partly due to a new doorstep collection for food waste which was started in October 2010.

The Council said that there have been other major contributing factors, including a new waste treatment

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Urge for government to change recycling targets to protect UK plastic recyclers

UK plastics recyclers are hoping that the government will alter recycling targets to prevent a move to foreign markets. British Plastics Federation’s Recycling Group, which includes CK polymers, Eco Plastics and Jayplas – claim that the system makes it less attractive to recycle in the UK than to export the material.

They are suggesting that the present material-specific target for plastics be altered so that

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Hackney Council consider swapping recycling bins for sacks

Negotiations are currently taking place at Hackney Council about whether they are going to be replacing the green recycling bins everyone is familiar with with new orange sacks. The council is hoping that by introducing these orange sacks, people are going to start recycling more.

The Council have targeted a recycling rate of 50 percent within the next eight years, with currently around 25 percent

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Tesco to test innovative food packaging aimed at reducing waste

The largest supermarket in the UK, Tesco, is about to start testing a new packaging which it is hoped will reduce the amount of food waste that the supermarket produce. The packaging is going to be able to help the shelf life of avocados and tomatoes increase; two of the types of vegetable most often wasted.

The supermarket currently estimate that a significant amount of

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