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Councils given extra funding to address food wastage problems

Additional funding is going to be given to councils in the UK in order to help tackle the problem of the 7 million tonnes of food that is thrown away every year. Last year around £250 million was provided to councils in order to reinstate bin collections on a weekly basis for the next five years.

This move was something that was met with hostility

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Marks & Spencer use recycled bollards at their new Sheffield store

Recycled bollards are made from entirely reclaimed materials and the famous store Marks & Spencer have recently decided to utilise them in their new store in Sheffield, which has been designed in a very environmentally friendly way. The company have chosen to use these bollards as they replace the need for non-recycled bollards which can have a serious environmental impact.

Bollards are something that have

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BAE Systems announce the development of new battery device

The British defence company, BAE Systems has recently announced they have developed a new battery technology which is capable of storing an electrical charge within the gadget itself. The company have called this a structural battery and it is capable of working with any device that requires electricity, from a car, to a mobile phone.

There are many applications expected for this type of technology

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Ink cartridges should be recycled not sent to landfill

Ink cartridges are something that people regularly throw away but it is important to realise that there are more environmentally friendly options for disposing of an empty printer cartridge. The plastic that is used to construct these printer cartridges can take over a millennium to decompose and during this time many harmful chemicals that remain in the ink can leach into the ground and potentially

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Households in Aylesbury to get new garden waste collection service

Aylesbury District Council are about to start offering a new service which is going to allow people to have their garden waste specifically collected separately. The current service, where waste is put into green bags, is going to be ceased this September, and the new service is going to come into effect.

The council are currently distributing leaflets with information about the service so that

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Eco-friendly cleaning products are by far the best option

There comes a time in every housewives day when she has to contend with the laundry and other cleaning tasks as well. If her household has children in it then likely the list of cleaning tasks she has in front of her seems never ending. However, there are a few things to think about outside of how much you have to do the next time

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Seasoned Firewood is a great source of fuel

If you want a type of fuel that can keep you warm, is efficient, and is environmentally friendly then it is hard to beat the benefits of choosing to burn seasoned firewood. Most people also enjoy the light flicker of flames in a fireplace, but there are still a few urban myths about firewood that keep people from enjoying this fuel source as often as

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How to find out if clothing is truly Organic

Organic clothing is not so much making a comeback as it is breaking new ground in the realm of environmental responsibility. Before there were chemical pesticides and fertilisers and all the other modern technological advancements in farming and agriculture, the problems of pollution in the soil, water and air were not a worry for most people. Now, however, the general attitude is changing, and there

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Carrier bags continue to wreak havoc on the environment

A great deal of research has gone into the problem of pollution-by-plastic that has become a menace to the environment in the last half-century or so. Probably the worst offender is the flimsy plastic carrier bags that a majority of retailers provide for their customers’ convenience. Those bags more often than not end up littering ditches, blocking drains and ultimately poisoning water and wildlife.


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