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The various stages of the recycling process

Recycling is not a single action but is a process that has many different stages. The first stage is the collection of waste materials that can be recycled, the next stage is the collection and sorting of these materials, and the final stage is their appearance as brand-new products to be used by the consumer.

Recycling though is not just about sending things off to

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2012 will be the year of recycling plastic, according to Axion

Axion Consulting is headed by its director Keith Freegard and he has recently stated that in 2012 the country is going to have a key focus on the recycling of plastics. He expects that throughout the year the amount of plastic being recycled by industry is going to increase significantly. Axion consulting is a leading recovery specialist of plastic in the UK.Mr Freegard has said

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Apple bring their recycling programme to the UK

Computer and gadget company Apple is finally bringing its successful recycling programme across the Atlantic to the UK, after running the part-exchange scheme in the US for several years. The project allows customers who are buying a new Apple product to get some money off the total cost when they bring in an old gadget.

Consumers can either drop their old computer off at their

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SCA recycling business to be sold to DS Smith

The packaging business by SCA is going to be purchased by DS Smith, and as part of this takeover deal, the recycling business owned by SCA, based in Southampton, MRF, is also going to be purchased by DS Smith.

The facility, in Southampton, is capable of recycling around 200,000 tonnes of waste every year. It was opened in 2009 and cost the company £15 million.

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Plastic film waste could be recyclable within 4 years

Recent trials have suggested that within four years plastic film waste could be recycled on a full commercial scale.

Axion Consulting is a recycling consolidation firm based in Manchester and they have recently completed research showing that it is possible to create useful products from film packaging that has already been used by consumers.

The research has been funded by WRAP, the Waste and Resource

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