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Households to be heated by their own waste

London’s first scheme to use burning waste to produce energy could see homes in Southwark heated by the innovative project. Heat from the South East London Combined Heat and Power Plant (SELCHP) in Deptford is normally just wasted, but Southwark Council has published proposals to take that heat and use it to power their seven central boiler houses; which in turn provide the heat for

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New recycling plant brings 100 jobs to Leicester


A recycling company based in Leicester has opened a brand new Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in its home town. The Casepak facility, which can handle 150,00 tonnes per annum of recyclable materials, is located in the town’s Braunstone Frith Industrial Estate and cost the firm £21 million to develop.

This investment includes the use of modern technologies to maximise the amount of material which

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Broken iPhone, What are your Options?

Sadly, no matter how much you spend on any sort of gadget, it will more than likely break at some point in the future. It’s not something that any of us wants to think about, especially when you’ve spent a decent amount of money on the iPhone. However, it’s important that you remember that just because an iPhone might be broken, it doesn’t exactly mean

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Electrical recycling bins come to Leeds households

Leeds residents will soon be able to recycle broken or unwanted electrical items at the same time they recycle their paper and glass, thanks to the introduction of new bins across the city.

It is thought that seven out of ten electrical items thrown out of British homes end up buried in landfill sites, when they can be safely disposed of using much more environmentally-friendly

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Recycling scheme brings together waste producers and farmers

An unusual recycling scheme, which involves waste producers working hand-in-hand with local farmers, could end up benefiting from an announcement by the deputy Prime Minister that he wants to promote ethical programmes which also involve sound business thinking.

The Land Network started recycling bio-waste in the 1990s and has now turned that into a profitable business, by selling the recycled material to farmers as an

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Melton expands recycling

The recycling service that is in the borough of Melton is going to be expanded and there is going to be a switch to a system that involves wheelie bins. The recycling boxes are going to be replaced with brown wheelie bins which will take all material that can be recycled.

The system of mixing recycling is known as co-mingled recycling and residents now do

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Plastic recycling will be the mainstay of UK recycling

The recovery and resource specialists, Axion Consulting, have recently stated that plastic recycling is going to be a new focus of the waste industry in the UK during 2012. The consultants have said that there is going to be new work done on the recycling of HDPE and PET bottles.

Currently around 50 percent of dairy and drink bottles that are made out of plastic

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SITA UK recycle with UBM

The Facilities Show by UBM is going to be working with the waste management partner this year the first time and they are hoping that this will bring the idea of waste management to their increasingly diverse and large audience. The partnership is going to be with a leading resource management and recycling company, SITA UK.

The partnership will see SITA provide 15 recycling points

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Recycling plants refused permission to expand

A planning committee has recently withdrawn approval of the expansion of recycling plants which was due to create nearly 60 jobs. The plant had previously been approved but the committee went back on its decision after further consideration. The application was by Bowmans Waste and was going to be an expansion to help the plant deal with commercial waste at its site in Lincolnshire.


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