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New company seeks to recycle industrial waste plastics

Recycled Polymers Ltd is a newly formed company from Birmingham in the UK and it is going to be using specialist material to recycle industrial plastics that have gone to waste. The company have said that there is a granulation process which creates pellet products that can be used for moulding new plastics.

Recycled Polymers has invested over £750,000 in this new venture which includes

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Less household waste in Northern Ireland

The amount of municipal and household waste that is being collected by councils in Northern Ireland has fallen by nearly 5% within a year. Alex Atwood, the Minister for the Environment, has welcomed the news that the amount of waste that was collected between July and September of 2011 had dropped compared with the same period of 2010.

This in turn helped the recycling rates

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Householders to recycle used light bulbs

A new invention is set to make it easier than ever before for householders to recycle used light bulbs – and all while they carry out their weekly shop.

Revend Recycling Limited has invented what it says is the first reverse vending machine which can be used for recycling spent light bulbs and also old batteries. The machines themselves were created by Revend and Norwegian

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More than just recycling – steps towards a healthier planet

Everyone knows that if you want to do something good for the planet, you should probably start with recycling. Reducing, reusing and recycling are all excellent mantras for helping to restore our planet, but it’s time to add another term — renew.

The next step in going green is switching to renewable, sustainable energy, which does less harm to the planet. Traditionally, modern society has

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Carpet Recycling

Carpet Recycling UK is an organisation with seven members based in the UK that are responsible for stopping carpet from going into landfill. Last year, it was estimated that these seven members of the group stopped about 6000 tonnes from entering landfill. This is a particularly impressive figure when you look at the numbers for the previous years and shows a growth of about 50

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Recycling old PVC windows

Merritt Plastics is a subsidiary of Eurocell and it has recently opened a new recycling facility located in Derbyshire. The recycling facility is to handle old PVC windows and it is expected that once open the facility is going to be able to recycle over 10,000 window frames every week.

The director of plastic conversion for the group is Albert Vasseur who said, “This is

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Barnardos says recycle your Christmas presents

Barnardos is urging people in the UK to give away any Christmas presents that they don’t want to the charity. They are saying that people should give their gifts to the charity shop so that funds that are needed by the charity can be raised through the presents’ sale.

Recent estimates by the charity said that around one in every three gifts given are unwanted

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Recycling laptops

By now, most people in the UK are used to recycling their paper and plastics on a daily basis, thus doing their bit for the environment. How many of us though consider recycling larger household items when they come to the end of their usefulness? Technological gadgets are almost out-of-date as soon as you take them out of the shop these days, and laptops are

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