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End of Life Vehicle Directive

With a steadily increasing fund of information, suggestions and solutions in the field of environmental protection and specifically the proper disposal of waste, there is virtually no community in the UK, no matter how small or isolated, that does not have access to recycling and refuse disposal facilities. Items that are easily portable, which includes most ordinary household waste, can be recycled, composted or at

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Christmas waste recycling in London

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has recently been urging people in the city to recycle all of their waste over the Christmas period. It is estimated that if people recycle to their full capacity London alone will save nearly £3 million. When disposing of waste, the cost of putting it in landfill is 25% higher than the cost of recycling materials.

It is estimated

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Plastic bags need to disappear

A plastic bag is not always the most suitable type of bag to use when and many businesses find that it simply may not be strong enough to hold a customer’s purchases. Plastic bags can also be quite damaging the environment so finding an alternative is a popular option for businesses looking to keep their company green. If this is the case it can be

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Veolia refuse collection partner for Croydon Council

Veolia is the refuse collection partner for Croydon Council and they have recently stated that they are ready to deal with all the excess waste that is going to be produced over the Christmas period. The company have drawn up plans which it hopes will mean that there will be very little disruption to the collection of recycling waste and landfill over the Christmas holidays.

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Raw materials consumption being outstripped by demand

The consumption of raw materials in the world is on the rise as emerging economies are increasing the number of goods they are manufacturing. A recent study conducted by Wrap has shown that there is an increased problem for the UK as raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce.

Dr Liz Goodwin is the Chief Executive of Wrap and she has said, “The UK must take

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Recycling Bins – What’s on Offer?

As per the recent developments in the environmental status of the world, it is more than likely that every resident of Earth is common with the act of recycling. Although you may be familiar with the process, do you know what recycling includes and how it will help the environment? Recycling is generally taking used products and renewing them for future uses, with the implementation

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Old mattress disposal

Anyone who has ever needed to dispose of an old mattress – and that’s almost everyone – knows the problems involved. There is very little demand for used mattresses; unless they are in very good condition most charities and used furniture companies won’t take them, for obvious reasons. Trying to sell even a very slightly used mattress is usually a hopeless endeavor. Therefore, most of

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Eco Plastics expansion

Eco Plastics is a company based in the UK and it has been announced that they are playing a part in a £15 million expansion taking place at a Lincolnshire recycling factory. The £15 million expansion includes the installation of five TITECH machines which are produced by Eco Plastics.

The technology that is due to be installed in the factory is capable of sorting out

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