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Mobile phone refurbishment is also recycling

Recycling mobile phones has become a relatively common practice and it is conducted because even used mobile phones have useful parts inside them. If these are not recycled properly they can become a threat to the health of people and can cause damage to the environment. People are strongly discouraged from throwing their mobile phones in the bin and are urged to recycle their mobile

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Household recycling service picks up clean aluminium trays and foils

Larne’s household recycling service is being expanded to also include pickup of clean aluminium trays and foils according to an announcement this week from the Larne Borough Council that said the new addition will make it simpler for people to recycle every fortnight. The plan is to get people to recycle their old take away containers, over ready meal boxes, and pie cases.

Over 14,000

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Plastic bottles have a second life

Plastic bottles are one of the most useful items of packaging that we have. They are durable, lightweight and numerous things can be stored in them, they are also very practical and very easy to recycle. They are the longest standing and most popular item to be recycled, and while most of us just chuck them into our recycling bins without giving them a second

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Mobile phone recycling sites

Recycling sites dedicated to mobile phones have been around for quite some time now, and millions of Brits use them to dispose of their old handsets and make a bit of cash as well. It was only a matter of time before these sets clicked on that other electronic devices such as digital camera must also contain similar materials and have a similar value.


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Environmentally friendly promotional pens

A great way for businesses to show that they have a commitment to the environment is to start using environmentally friendly promotional pens. In recent years, recycled pens have come a long way and now they are regarded as just as good as their non-recycled counterparts.

While this might not be a measure that saves the world it does show to your clients that you

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Sir David Rowlands says airline industry is just not using enough biofuel

The chairman of Gatwick, Sir David Rowlands, has recently commented that the aviation industry is failing to deal with the issue of climate change. He said that the airlines are too focused on telling the public about the efforts they have taken to reduce global warming rather than actually planning their future actions. Rowlands commented that the industry is obsessed with telling people how green

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Industrial waste plastics can now be recycled via new process

Newly opened Recycled Polymers Limited aims to recycle industrial waste plastics in Birmingham with the use of special machinery and a granulation process that will help to create a new clean plastic product that can be used in extrusion and plastics moulding processes. The company claims that it has already put in £750,000, a large chunk of which was used to purchase a new machine

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