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Brussels says use less, and use it again

The word ‘green’ has taken on a new and much wider meaning with the ever-increasing use of ever-decreasing natural resources. Recycling is no longer a polite suggestion; it has become a requirement if we expect to continue with the lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to, at least in the ‘developed’ world.

In May this year at the EU Green Week Conference in Brussels, the call to

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Edinburgh may outsource recycling

Street recycling, bin services, and street cleaning may soon be taken care of by a private company in an effort to save spending for the Scottish capital. In fact, if the services were to be privatized the country could save as much as £71m. The proposals will come before councillors during this week and would see the Enterprise Managed Services invest as much as £40m

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Used coffee cups are a huge recycling problem

An investigation by Which? has revealed that coffee shops aren’t making it easy for their customers to recycle the takeaway cups they serve their drinks in. It’s estimated that there are 2.5bn of these cups thrown away in the UK every year, and the consumer group have warned that consumers are finding the ‘mixed materials’ used in the cups by the retailers and many don’t

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TerraCycle and BIC recycle old pens

TerraCycle has joined up with the pen manufacturing company BIC in the UK’s first attempt to recycle writing instruments. BIC is regarded as the leading stationery manufacturer in the country and it will be collecting used pens in schools and offices around the UK to reuse and recycle them.

The pens the company produce can be recycled into many items, such as waste bins and

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Ricofloor is recycling flooring

Ricofloor is holding an event to encourage more distributed and flooring contractors to join a recycling scheme for vinyl floors that has already dealt with over 600 tons of waste. The event is called Bacon Butty, and customers who come in to speak to a Recofloors representative will receive a voucher for a free bacon sandwich.

As well as this free sandwich, they will also

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Councils say weekly bin collections may never happen

A study conducted by The Daily Telegraph has found that 40% of councils will not be able to guarantee that rubbish will be collected weekly from peoples homes in the near future. The news has come despite the government Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles saying that having you rubbish collected on a weekly basis is a ‘right.’ The government have pledged a quarter of a billion

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