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New environmentally friendly phones

Recycled plastics and reductions in packaging and manufacturing solvents make handsets more environmentally friendly, says a leading manufacturer of mobile phones.

Mobile phone company Sony Ericsson will unveil two “green” handsets tomorrow with a carbon footprint 15% lower than current models. By cutting packaging, using recycled plastics and reducing the use of solvents in the paints, the electronics company claims to have made the handsets

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Being green is not easy for business finances

The first part of a two part study by EEF into possible conflicts between growth and green has been released, and it has revealed that 75% of manufacturing firms believe that environmental policies have had a detrimental impact on competitiveness. In a briefing, EEF invited trade union leaders, policy makers and key industry representatives to preview their findings in “Green and Growth; an interim report

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New plant recycling babies nappies

Knowaste is about to open a recycling plant that is the first of its kind in the UK. The plant is going to be recycling babies nappies as well as other products that absorb human waste – such as feminine hygiene and incontinence products. Knowaste is already a specialist in recycling these kinds of materials which, once sterilised and processed, can be used to make

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A new way of recycling lead acid batteries

Dr R Vasant Kumar works at the University of Cambridge and he and his team have recently found a new way of recycling lead acid batteries. The new method has many advantages over the previous ones as the process requires less energy, is more cost effective and releases fewer toxic fumes. The technology that makes this possible is on show this week at a conference

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Printer cartridge recycling is important to the environment

Now that we are in the 21st century, the impact of the activities that have taken place across the world is now evident in the environment. Every action that has been taken by human beings over the years has affected the environment we live in, and largely in a negative way. The world is reaching such a critical stage that is needs to reduce waste,

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Europe’s PVC industry improves recycling

Europe’s PVC industry successfully reached its goal last year of recycling another 200,000 tonnes of materials. Now we are seeing a new voluntary commitment by the industry as seen by the start up of the VinylPlus system.

All around the world, countries are looking at decreasing regulation on what companies have to do to meet environmental and social standards. This is not because the governments

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