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New phone recycling system in place

A noted United Kingdom online mobile phone recycling company, Mobilephonerecycling.com, has recently started a faster and more efficient recycling service for the consumer. The service will not only provide the seller with some extra cash but will help the environment by limiting the number of discarded phones.

The company maintain they will settle your account by providing your cash within a week, and the seller

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The Fusion Jr

The ‘Fusion Jr,’ is not a home nuclear reactor but it is still a clever invention working through a chemical process. By reading the literature on the Fusion Jr. you can also learn a good deal about wood burning stoves.

A gasifier is a device that burns unwanted materials such as trash and wood and turns them into something called syngas, which can be removed

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A quarter of all household waste is food

An astonishing twenty to twenty-five percent of all disposable waste consists of leftover, spoiled or just unwanted food. The cost of removing and disposing of all this organic material is getting higher all the time, and with new and projected spending cutbacks in government organizations, the reasons for reducing both waste and cost are mounting by the day.

The City Council of Bolton, a sizable

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Carrier bag use grows instead of shrinking

Despite many high profile campaigns last year, single use bags that are supplied by supermarkets throughout the UK, increased again in number last year. WARP, UK’s recycling body, released figures that show over 6.4 billion bags were issued last year, an increase that reversed five straight years of decline.

That compares to 2006 when there were over 10 billion single-use bags used, representing over a

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