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Robot waste sorter introduced

SITA, a waste management company based in Finland, has recently been testing a robot controlled sorting system for material recycling. This system will shortly be offered to interested UK companies.

The system has been supplied by Zen Robotics of Helsinki and has been used by SITA on a trial basis for the past few months. It has been acknowledged as a breakthrough and is regarded

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The success of the tyre recycling programme in the UK

The success of the tyre recycling programme in the UK is thanks to the participation, partnerships and proactive involvement of the many organisations that make up the reprocessing and tyre industries.

A record turnout at the recent Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) forum heard this key message and where delegates listened to the how successfully the UK continues to meet the Landfill Directive of the EU

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Mobile phone recycling

The estimate is that every 12 to 18 months mobile phones are replaced or upgraded in the UK for a better model regardless if the previous model was working fine or not. The old versions then get tossed in the bin and most likely end up in one of the many landfills around Britain. Recent research has suggested that the phones will break down to

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More ‘recycled’ materials ending up in landfills

Information from the Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs shows an increase of 40% in recycled material in the past three years that was sent to the landfill. This data shows for the first time how councils are being lax in making sure was is collected is getting processed correctly.

The most recent figures from Waste Data Flow indicate that 2009/10 had an

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