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Uncured carbon waste deal on Isle Of Wight

GKN Aerospace with Recycled Carbon Fiber (RCF) have signed an agreement to recycle from its aero structure manufacturing operation, the uncured carbon waste in Cowes, Isle of Wight.

The recycling is to take place at the carbon recycling facility of RCF in the West Midlands and the estimate by GKN is that 100 metric tonnes from the Cowes site, of carbon waste will be recycled

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Welsh Recycle Week

Welsh communities are marking June 20-26 as Recycle Week with events to illustrate how easy and the benefits in recycling. In Cardiff the celebration started early with the Really Rubbish ceremony and awards for green schools on June 16. There are schools also involved on Anglesey, where the island‘s Eco Schools are hosting waste free picnics.

Local authorities across the country are out helping people

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Darlington Community Carnival wants green visitors

Darlington Community Carnival visitors will be encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste to go green. For the fourth consecutive year the Making Waste Work Campaign of the Darlington Borough Council’s is sponsoring the carnival with Co-op Membership.

Members of the Recycling and Street Scene teams of the council will attend the carnival Saturday and hand out advice about recycling more and reducing the

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New natural environment white paper, first in two decades

It has been 21 years since the government published a natural environment white paper, and the one published last week does not appear to be closing the gap between lofty aspirations and reality. Though the white paper does attempt to address the issues of environmental conservation and the ongoing loss of biodiversity in the U.K., it has too little to offer in terms of specifics

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Fascinating facts about gold!

An Advertising Feature

Everyone knows about gold and has heard of its excellent beauty and rarity, however there are many things about gold and its properties that are not widely known.

This article aims to provide you with facts about gold that you probably never ever knew.

These facts run as follows:

Did you know that just one tiny ounce of pure gold can be

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Scottish universities need more green initiatives

The universities in Scotland have been urged to do more in their efforts to reach carbon emission targets, after a survey revealed that there are some glaring differences in their environmental credentials. A study was held that looked at institutions of higher education across the UK, and then rated them according to their usage of renewable energy and also their rates of recycling.

The study

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£100m in the pot for councils who empty recycling bins weekly

First cut as a way to try and encourage more recycling collections of weekly household rubbish will be offered to councils for close to £100m. Environmental campaigners are expected to be infuriated with the idea but the move follows many complaints the collections fortnightly have increased the amount of fly-tipping and concerns of hygiene and vermin.

The scheme is expected to be published in a

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