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How do Hybrid Cars Work?

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Ever wondered how hybrid cars work exactly? Find out how these environmentally friendly vehicles operate now.

Hybrids are vehicles that reduce carbon monoxide emissions and present an alternative to conventional cars. Instead of relying on the traditional fuel internal combustion engine, hybrids use both fuel engines and electric motors.

There are three different ways that hybrids work. You can either have a

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Fly tipping costs Wales £3 million a year

The scale of fly-tipping has been revealed in numbers showing everything for dead family pets to asbestos are being dumped all over the Welsh landscape costing £3m to the taxpayer each year to clean up.

The number breakdown in fly-tipping reveals that in one year there were over 300 animal carcasses that were illegally dumped across the nation and last year the fly-tipped material included

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Should you be rewarded for recycling?

For residents who are recycling, questions are arising about the benefit of rewards. The rewards schemes worked out well in the beginning but now it is unclear if they actually lead to changes long-term in behaviour a report said.

There has been a warning against a one size fits all from deputy chairman Darren Johnson of the environmental committee. This follows Lambeth residents becoming the

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Britain was shipping its toxic e-waste to Africa

An immediate halt to electronic goods exports by their subcontractors has been ordered by one of the biggest recycling companies in Britain following an investigation that found at two of its sites toxic e-waste that was being sent to West Africa.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) campaigners had tracking devices planted in televisions that were broken beyond repair which made them illegal to be exported

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Still no UK waste packaging policy in place

Packaging was a key issue the government said it would address when they launched their review of the waste policy in 2010. There has been hardly any indication as to what direction the ministers will take.

A group of experts that advise Defra about packaging policy, the Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) is preparing a report giving recommendations that will be released at the end

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100% recycled plastic plywood from Eco-Sheet

Eco-Sheet, the 100% recycled plastic plywood, has been produced for just about two years by the Luton-based 2K Manufacturing. The boarding outside the Stall Street Marks & Spencer store in Bath was full of green and yellow and the big sign said to customers that the store was open even though there was a big refurbishment going on.


Even though the siding liked like

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies LTD: an Introduction

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd (UPSL) is a leading provider of service and UPS power solutions in the UK and offer an unrivalled single source service ensuring all your power protection requirements are taken care of.

The product range includes the PowerWAVE UPS range from 1.25 kVA – 3MVA and a range of PowerWAVE standby generators including open or canopied diesel generators for

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Landfill recovery scheme boasts 100% recovery

Believed to be a first in Europe a landfill recovery scheme and recycling company from the UK has achieved 100% material reuse. The site is located in Goole, East Yorkshire and Mytum and Selby Recycling excavated the once former landfill in order to build a new materials recycling facility (MRF). The new facility is scheduled to open in 2012-13 and will have a 225,000 tonnes

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