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Tetra Pak’s are not generally recycled and we use 2 billion a year

Wherever you seem to look you seem to find a discarded Tetra Pak. Many ask why these Paks are not being recycled in the UK with the same application as other discarded containers. The fact is that the recycling of Tetra Pak containers is severely lacking in the UK and, whilst there are many recycling services, Tetra Pak seems to be the “forgotten rubbish” with

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The Greens propose boost to Climatic Change Fund

Plans to boost the Climatic Change Fund have been announced by The Greens, increasing the fund to nearly £126m over the next Holyrood conference. A major portion of this is earmarked for carbon reducing projects.


Over 330 awards have been presented to 260 communities since the fund first started in 2008. Awards have been made for such ventures as waste and bicycle recycling and

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Used cooking oil into power for homes

In the Peterborough area over 30,000 litres of used cooking oil, collected from residents has been recycled as electricity. Living Fuels, the renewable energy company collected the oil that had been left at household recycling banks. The oil is cleaned and converted into a green bio-liquid renewable fuel LF100 by the company. This is then used to produce electricity and heat.

The majority of oil

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Dell computers and recycling

Dell has announced the collection of over 150 million pounds of unwanted products during the fiscal year 2011, this coming after less than a week after the industry of consumer electronics insisted they would work harder to collect, recycle and reuse end of use products.


The unwanted technological products include printers, scanners, monitors, computers, and accessories. This amount was 16% higher than what they

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Council reverting to emptying its own bins

A decision by the Banbridge District Council to bring recycling services in house and not to renew its contract will be challenged by a recycling company. Branson Recycling says the decision by the council is flawed and not in the best interests of residents.

Banbridge has been provided recycling services by Bryson recycling for 10 years and the contract is set to expire in March

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Doncaster waste Anaerobic Digestion facility

At PDM Group’s headquarters in Doncaster the UK based waste management company is constructing a food waste Anaerobic Digestion facility. This will be the first to be built under the partnership ReFood between PDM Group and Saria Bio-Industries the European food-chain recycling specialist and will cost £12 million.


The state of the art depackaging and steel frame reception facility is completed and now in

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Scotland in big recycling push

By tackling the materials that most damage the climate like plastics, textiles and food waste, councils in Scotland are drastically changing their schemes for recycling. Waste with a high carbon impact will have to be recycled in quantities far larger starting in 2013 by councils and households and other materials with lower carbon benefits from recycling will become less important, such as paper.

Described as

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Old motor oil may be converted into car fuel

With the potential to recycle billions of litres of motor oil Enval is exploring commercialization options of a new technology by converting it into car fuel.

Enval is doing essentially the same thing exploiting the salvage of high grade aluminium from old packaging like pyrolysis, toothpaste tubes and could be adapted to recycle the motor oil as well.

The Enval board is assessing what may

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