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London aims to become major recycling capital

London is about to become one of the recycling capitals of the world, after its Mayor, Boris Johnson, announced a new £70 million fund to set up infrastructure for low carbon usage and recycling. As a result, London will now lead the world in profiting from recycling and waste, creating energy from recyclables and developing skills in recycling.

The Foresight Group, which is a leading

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EU department changes EU parliament recycling rules

The Proposed e-waste targets of 85% by the European Parliament have been lowered by the EU Council. The European Council (EU) in a step towards making tighter requirements on recycling and reuse of junked electric components determined its first-reading position on electrical waste rules.

The European Parliament and the Council are not far apart the Parliament voted on February 3 it first reading position and

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Boxes made of recycled plastic bottles offered by Coca-Cola

A new recycling initiative, for the next couple of weeks, is offering recycling boxes for trial in the homes of customers at Asda in Bishop, the initiative is a partnership with Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd, is being offered to customers that purchase three two litre Coca Cola products, with the customers receiving boxes made of recycled plastic bottles.

The lack of space in most kitchens makes

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Coca-Cola ups its UK recycling efforts

Thirty jobs are to be created next year in Lincolnshire in a joint recycling venture between Coca-Cola Enterprises and ECO Plastic. The new project will be a major boost to the manufacturing industry in the UK and will go a long way towards helping the Government and others meet recycling and environmental targets and standards.

Coca-Cola Enterprises will provide £5 million and ECO Plastic £10

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Europe’s largest recycler of polythene film

British Polythene Industries (BPI) is currently the largest producer of polythene film in Europe, and its sister company, bpi.recycled, is Europe’s largest recycler of polythene film. The company has its home office at Greenock, with hundreds of employees in plants around Scotland. They manufacture film wrap for business and agriculture in 60 countries, with stretch film, shrink film and converter film as well as a

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Green advocate caught fly-tipping

For some people, it would seem that trying to be green really does pay. It pays someone else, that is. Queen of green, Ruth Boden-Webster, who has been recycling for 30 years, has been accused of fly-tipping by her local Council, after she was caught green-handed dropping a bottle of washing-up liquid next to the recycling bins at her local Tesco store. Serves her right,

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