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New twin-bin recycling considered

Already popular in Derwentside, a Twin Bin scheme recycling and waste collection has proposals being considered by the Durham County Council Cabinet. A survey with over 1,500 responses showed that the Derwentside method with a large bin for recycling instead of bags and boxes was quite popular.

Over 70% said it had improved the service while only 2.5% felt it had declined since it was

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Council wants to fine bad recyclers

Highland Council wants to fine people that do not recycle their household waste and are calling on the Scottish Government to give them the power to do so. They want to fine people that mix rubbish with recyclable waste or put it in the wrong bins.

The local authority has not outlined how the new policy would be implemented but it has been agreed to

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Edinburgh wants to recycle carpets and furniture

To reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills, carpets and furniture may become recyclable. There is a move to reuse or recycle old carpets left by tenants in council houses, says the Edinburgh city council.

Due to a spiralling landfill tax bill, the city is going to deposit bins for food waste recycling with homeowners. This comes after seeing new figures of disparity

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England re-integrates 40% of all waste

England reached a 40% composting and household waste recycling rate for the first time in the last two quarters according to data from Defra that was released yesterday.

The figure was seen to have come between the year-end period of July 2009 to June 2010 and was an improvement over what was seen during the year previous. The figures clearly demonstrate that England has been

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