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EU see’s UK as recycling front runner

While worried of a leveling off among the top EU member states, the European Commission did use praise when talking about the United Kingdom’s quick increase in the waste recycling rate. They also claimed more can be accomplished by all EU members to lower the waste generation.

Issues like extent of reuse, incineration levels, recycling rates and waste generation and disposal were

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Companies move towards a greener future

Corporate social responsibility, in particular for environmental protection, is on the rise again, thanks in no small part to forward-thinking companies, such as AstraZeneca, Kingfisher and Sun Microsystems. For instance, Kingfisher was recently recognised by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in its Carbon Performance Leadership Index as having demonstrated leadership in tackling climate change, by reducing its CO2 emissions by eight percent.

Whilst there is

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Cost-effective recycling

Recycling is not just the responsible thing to do; it can also be a moneymaker, and that fact should get everybody’s attention. As technology progresses, the recycling process is becoming more and more cost-effective, and the demand for recyclable waste products such as paper, glass, metal and plastic is growing as more and more products are discovered that can be made from the recycled materials.

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Technological Progress Cuts Environmental Costs

It is easy to lament that modern technology is destroying the environment. Indeed, many modern conveniences come only at the expense of nature. Yet not all innovations are bad for the environment and things like conference call systems and wind farms are actually good for the planet.

In the future it seems that technology will become more and more of a friend to the environment.

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Edinburgh new test recycling program

Residents of Edinburgh will live through a new test program where they will be asked to set out their leftovers that were destined for the trash, but to put them beside the recyclables.

This food recycling company will collect the Tupperware sealable boxes starting in April. The insides will be lined with organic biodegradable material. The units will be distributed to 20,000 residents.

On condition

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Belfast Continental Market goes green

The Belfast Continental Market is an event that always draws traders from all over Europe and most of the rest of the world, and this year’s Market proved its greatest success so far. The usual and the unusual in food, drinks and crafts were on display, and the Christmas theme added to the festive atmosphere and the visitors’ enjoyment. Held at Belfast City Hall, it’s

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