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Recycling your battery

Most people know that batteries come with potentially harmful metals like mercury, lead, acid, nickel cadmium, alkaline and other such unpleasant materials. Even if the general public does not know the names of the chemicals, we know there are toxins contained inside that should not be tossed away casually in the bin. If not disposed of in the right way, these chemicals from batteries will

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Plastic bottle recycling jumps 7%

According to the most recently available statistics, there is an optimistic increase in the amount of plastic bottle recycling in the UK. Plastic bottle recycling, as a whole, has a rate of 46 per cent. This is a 7 per cent increase in the amount of plastic bottle recycling over last year.

The report this year has been much more detailed, as better information is

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Local authorities face heavy recycling fines

Local authorities are about to face penalties of as much as £200 per tonne of waste over assembly targeted waste requirements. The penalties are part of the new waste recycling measures intended to raise recycling to 70 per cent by the year 2025.

Councils say that the potential to be penalized is of great concern and that such penalties could have grave implications for already

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Money for Christmas, mobile phone recycling

If you need some extra spending money for Christmas, you might want to consider recycling your old mobile phone. A recent study reveals that the average UK household has over £700 worth of old phones sitting around in drawers and on desktops.

Even your really old phone has a resale value; it could be as low as £1 or as high as £390, depending on

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