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Oxfordshire strives for recycling goals

West Oxfordshire is starting a new waste-recycling program under contract with environmental services company, May Gurney. The new program will help West Oxfordshire to meet its waste recycling requirements without penalty and projects a savings of £2 million in fines and associated landfill costs.

The new collection will impact around 45,000 households, diverting nearly food waste to the tune of nearly 3700 tonnes and 13,000

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Edinburgh considers recycling rewards scheme

If you live in Edinburgh, you may soon be rewarded according to how much recycling you do. The Edinburgh Council is reportedly discussing a variety of plans that would reward householders for recycling their waste. The Council wants to commence collecting food waste beginning next year in an attempt to reduce its huge landfill tax burden, which currently runs in the millions.

One of the

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Edinburgh to recycle more food

Food waste will soon be recycled as part of a pilot program in Edinburgh. Additional recycling bins will be distributed among 20,000 homes, beginning an effort to recycle food waste with other rubbish. If the pilot works, the plan will no doubt be spread out to include all of the 250,000 city residences before the landfill tax rises in 2014.

Plastic bottles along with food

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M&S new recycling website

M&S has a new website that allows you to recycle your old stuff like mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops, and sat navs, for a donation to any of six different charities or M&S vouchers.

After you accept an offer, M&S will send a special envelope or even a courier if you are recycling over five different items or a laptop.

Recycling and/or giving the money

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O2 Recycle, proving popular with phone users

O2 Recycle, the plan that persuades customers who want an upgrade or are just joining the O2 network to recycle their handsets in exchange for cash has been taking off at an amazing rate. Right now, as many as 66% of UK mobile phone users recycle their old phones.

This information has excited the folks at O2 so much that they are now offering to

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Sony Ericsson using more recycled plastics in phones

It is being reported by a mobile phone manufacturer, Sony Ericsson that using recycled plastics and reduced packaging are making mobile phone handsets environmentally friendly.

The company will be revealing two new ‘green’ handsets that have a carbon footprint offset lower then other current mobiles phones by up to 15 percent. To achieve this Sony Ericsson are reducing packaging, using recycled plastics and using paint

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