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Inverness recycling plant gets green light

A new recycling plant is being planned for Inverness. The new plant will employ 30 workers on a permanent basis and many more will be used in the construction phases.

Cost of the plant will run around £20 million. The system will work based on auto-claving, which has a long history of use for sterilization and has recently been developed for waste recycling.

The Inverness

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Welsh recycling targets sent to the tip

The Welsh Local Government Association and the Assembly Government are fighting over recycling targets. WGLA members are claiming that the Assembly Government’s target of 70 per cent is unreasonable and will cost local government £30 million to attain.

The WGLA claims to be at 40 per cent recycling right now and representatives say that the EU target is only at 50 per cent. They say

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Oxford playing recycling catch-up

For the last few years, Oxford has been lagging behind in the recycling race, and the Oxford City Council is making a serious effort to catch up. As part of the Cleaner Greener Oxford campaign, the Council has invested about £60,000 in new rubbish and recycling bins.

Fifty of the old bins in the city centre will be relocated to other areas and replaced with

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Glass containers are good for the environment

Glass containers are good for the environment, at least that is the word from the very first cradle to grave study on the Life Cycle Assessment of glass containers. The recent study proved that in almost every aspect of environmental concern, glass containers store highly.

A Life Cycle Assessment is the study of a product from raw materials, to creation, to use, disposal, and finally

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Scotland on track for total recycling

It seems Scotland is on its way to its zero waste goal, but whether it will be able to achieve it by 2025 is anyone’s guess right now. There has been an increase of recycling and composting since last year’s numbers.

SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) recently reported that this year the rate rose to nearly 38 per cent, where last year’s rate was slightly

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Hilary Benn slams government green policies

In a speech at Labour’s annual conference on Thursday, Hilary Benn, shadow environment secretary, made sharp criticisms of the current Government’s policies in reference to waste disposal and several other topics including the Feed-in Tariff. He said that their claim to be “the greenest government ever” was unfounded and called it “empty words” from a government that he says is “dithering” on crucial subjects.


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