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Boots now recycling mobiles

High street chemists, Boots, are now taking mobiles as a way to promote recycling among consumers. Boots is offering those interested a simple way to trade in old mobiles, since you can simply head over to their website, enter the phone model, and then see what your options are.

The website also provides browsers with plenty of useful tips such as how you can recycle

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Mobile Phone Recycling

Although it may be something that you never have thought of before, proper disposal of cell phones is a major issue due to the fact that with so many free sim cards, free mobile phone offers, and free chargers included in every contract millions of people produce mountains of mobile phone waste.

However, there are mobile phone recycling centres and plans that can offer an

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Local Government recycling shake-up on the way

Local Government secretary, Eric Pickles, is looking at plans that will offer councils that axe fortnightly collections rewards. The plan comes ahead of a new publication review of the waste policy as outlined by the Government by the Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, which is due next week.

The review, which is set to be released next Thursday, is said to raise the prospect of adding

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Offices are getting the eco friendly idea

At one time environmentally safe products were the exception to the norm, but now they are in demand across the UK, as business owners see that they have a responsibility to the environment.

David Casey stated that he has been impressed to see his company and other companies take a stand and purchase recycled products over new products in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

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South Oxfordshire is England’s best recycler

South Oxfordshire residents are being praised for making strong efforts in composting and recycling, contributing about 70% of household rubbish to the campaign. This is thought to be the highest contribution across England. The collection efforts are thought to have saved taxpayers about £355,000 and earned the area £850,000 in recycling credits.

The local authority’s Municipal Journal Awards commended the scheme and revealed that from

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